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How to Get a Budget-friendly Responsive Website Design

If you are considering a website redesign, this probably isn’t your first rodeo. In fact, this is more likely your firm’s third or fourth website redesign if you’ve been keeping up with the times. You know that website redesigns can be expensive, not even taking into account the amount of time and effort involved. But, if you’ve started to investigate web design firms, you’ve no doubt realized that prices have gone up. In fact, they’ve gone way up since your last initiative. Why is that?

Well, expectations are higher for one. You’ve come to enjoy the features and experiences you get on your favorite big brand websites, and those highly customized websites come with a highly customized price tag. Must haves such as responsive design, personalization and targeting, and so on cost money. Want to rebrand your website? Then tack on a bare minimum of another $10K. It’s like buying a new car. Each add-on such as leather seats drives the base price up, but when shiny new bells and whistles are what you want you have to pay for it, right? Not necessarily.

What if I told you that for less than you would pay for an agency design, you could have a new responsive website design of your choosing—with all of the bells and whistles—plus a brand new fully implemented web content management system to boot? There are so many more choices for getting a great design these days that you don’t have to pay champagne prices to get a beautiful website. A beer budget will get you absolutely everything you want as well.

I am not trying to diminish what a web design agency brings to the table. You get what you pay for. Agencies spend lots of time thinking about your brand, developing concepts, experimenting with color palettes, selecting font types, picking imagery, thinking about the user, creating mock-ups and revisions, testing everything, and so much more. It’s well worth the investment if you have the money to invest.

If, however, the bulk of your marketing budget is focused on other strategic initiatives then selecting from one of the tens of thousands of ‘themed’ designs out there is a fantastic alternative. For as little as $15 you can get a beautiful, responsive website design—designed by professional web designers and creatives—with more built-in features and options than you likely have considered. These designs give you multiple choices for layouts, colors, fonts, images, animations, icons, navigation menus, and videos—to name only a few. Here’s the beauty of this option. With all of the money you’ve saved on an agency website re-design project, you’ll have plenty of funds to purchase and implement a truly user-friendly web content management system to better manage your digital presence.

Your new website will be beautiful and functional and easy to manage. And most importantly, affordable.