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Law firms of all sizes and types have become increasingly more competitive. As a result, your website must be your law firm's most valuable marketing tool and a primary driver of new business.

To stand out in a crowded market, your website must be persuasive yet approachable, at once portraying practice expertise while revealing the human side of your legal teams to help forge real connections with prospective clients.

Compelling practice area pages, in depth attorney profiles, blogs, social media sharing, and search engine optimization are essential to driving traffic to your site and business to your firm.   Find out how we can help you.

Breakthrough Legal Marketing Solutions

Go Mobile with Responsive Design

If you have a website then people are viewing it from mobile devices. If not mobile-friendly, the only thing your website will be remembered for is a poor experience. In fact, fifty percent of prospective clients will never visit your site again if the first experience is a bad one. Make every mobile experience count using CommonSpot.

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Showcase Expertise Using Attorney Profiles

Demonstrate you have the most experienced, respected, and approachable practitioners around by showcasing attorney and partner expertise, whether industry and practice areas, ongoing and settled cases, professional associations and pro bono work, or major achievements and client testimonials.

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Personalize Experiences for Prospective Clients

Building meaningful relationships online means satisfying your prospective client’s needs, whether looking for class action defense litigation information or industry expertise. Learn how personalized and targeted content can help drive new business.

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Optimize for Search Engines

CommonSpot’s SEO capabilities enable you to add content to a page and easily optimize it for search engines as you go. Once published, your content will be client- and SEO-friendly offering the engaging user experiences that search engines reward.

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Improve Results using Analytics

Ramp up results exponentially using CommonSpot’s intuitive, on-page analytics. Enable users to make informed decisions about web content or social conversions by giving them easy access to valuable insights so they can optimize content as they work on it, and maximize conversions.

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Stand Out in a Crowded Market Socially

Use social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) to build your brand and establish a positive online reputation, as well as increase traffic and page rank for your website. Share high quality, useful content (blogs, infographics, commentary, etc) to position yourself as the “go to” authority within your area of expertise, and improve SEO from links and referral traffic.

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Build Credibility using Videos and Multimedia

Draw new clients in using multimedia assets such as videos and podcasts by giving attorneys a more authentic, human appeal than the typical business bio and headshot. Whether featuring Supreme Court ruling analysis or editorial opinion pieces, videos are a great opportunity to demonstrate expertise and showcase your firms greatest assets—it’s people.

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Manage Content Easily

Want to ensure content quality and freshness? Then you need editing tools that help staff members, regardless of skill-set, manage web content with ease. CommonSpot is a powerful and feature-rich web content management system with an intuitive user interface and familiar WYSIWYG tools for effortlessly managing any type of content.

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Use Practice Pages to Perfectly Position Your Firm

Use CommonSpot’s Practice feature to demonstrate firm practice information on your website, such as Corporate Law or Intellectual Property. You can also use the Practice feature to portray attorney-specific practice expertise in attorney profiles.

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