Legal Features.

Features that solve all of your legal website needs

Best in Class Attorney Profiles

Demonstrate you have the most experienced, respected, and approachable practitioners around by showcasing attorney and partner expertise, whether industry and practice areas, ongoing and settled cases, professional associations and pro bono work, or major achievements and client testimonials.

Organize and Search by Practice Area or Industry

Content organization and findability are essential to delivering good client experiences. CommonSpot makes organizing and searching by practice area or industry simple and intuitive. Similarly, you can search a profile directory for attorney and partner-specific expertise, narrowing down the list of profiles to a select few. And those profiles refer back to practice and industry pages for quick reference.

Personalized Content

The key to digital marketing success for law firms today is to deliver highly targeted content that anticipates a website visitor’s needs. This means giving personally-relevant content to the right audience at the right time for a more compelling Web experience.

Easy to Manage Blogs

Blogs are the hard-working underdogs in your firm’s digital marketing toolkit. CommonSpot’s Blog feature allows you to open a 24/7 line of communication with clients, build attorney credibility, improve SEO results, achieve higher website traffic, and drive significantly more new business leads. You can publish blog posts quickly, tag posts easily, re-use blog content throughout your site, and share posts socially in one click for additional exposure.

Informative News & Legal Notices

One of the biggest draws to any law firm website is compelling news and legal updates. Regular and up-to-date industry information keeps clients coming back to your website, and boosts your firm up in search engines results for increased website traffic. CommonSpot’s News feature makes it easy to create articles with a professional look and feel, and tag and categorize them so they can be re-used in multiple ways and in multiple places throughout your site to optimize their value.

Related Content

CommonSpot allows you to easily connect and relate content throughout your website. Using CommonSpot’s data manager tool, you can easily relate blog posts with attorney profile pages, news articles with practice pages, and so on. There is no limit to the kinds of relationships you can create, eliminating the need to manually duplicate content. This also eliminates the challenge of maintaining content when information changes. Add a new attorney blog post, and the attorney profile page is easily updated with one simple click allowing you to relate content throughout your site instantly. Related or “see also” content also eliminates dead end pages where visitors typically tend to leave your site. By relating relevant “see also” content to a news page for example, you give site visitors a reason to continue surfing your site, enriching their journey and creating exceptional web experiences.

Powerful Search

When clients come to your site they are in hunter mode. Fast access to relevant content is what they want, and CommonSpot Search is how you give it to them. CommonSpot has powerful tools for quickly and easily locating content. You can search the whole site or specific sections such as practice areas, attorney profiles, or industry pages using keywords or keyword phrases for near perfect results every time.

Upcoming Events

Give visitors a glimpse of legal happenings in the coming days, weeks, or months at your firm using CommonSpot’s Event Calendar feature. Enable staff and even your clients to easily post upcoming event information such as a Practicing Law Institute Seminar, a talk you’re giving at the American Association for Justice Convention, or a local Lawyers Association program. You can create unlimited events which can be re-used anywhere on your website without duplicating efforts. Posting events is as easy as filling out a form making driving event awareness, registrations, and attendance ridiculously simple.

Career Opportunities

Law firms are always looking for new superstars, whether seasoned attorneys, recent law school graduates, or aspiring summer interns. CommonSpot’s Careers feature allows staff to post openings easily. Once published, candidates can search your career site for listed openings by location, practice, category or keyword and easily submit their resume and cover letter if they like what they see. You can even send an automatic reply thanking them for their application and letting candidates know you will be in touch, and when.

Office Locations

When it comes to delivering exceptional client experiences, no detail is too small—even information about your offices. If you have multiple law offices, you need to give clients more than a simple address for each. CommonSpot allows you to publish complete information about every office, from practices and industries covered, to attorney and partner profiles, to news and events, to the expected directions maps, and contact information such as phone, fax and email.

Secure Client Login

Does your firm have a clients-only section that requires authenticated access? Use CommonSpot to enroll new clients to your site securely and show them only the content they are authorized to view, such as confidential case information. Easily enroll new members by granting membership rights to anyone that meets specific criteria you define, such as client. Membership details (such as corporate or individual) and preferences (such as subscribe me to this content) are stored in the client profile. CommonSpot uses its own built-in user database for authentication, or you can integrate with any third-party authentication system to recognize clients as they log in.

Industry Accolades/Awards

Sometimes it’s important to toot your own horn, and for that there’s CommonSpot. Build credibility instantly by touting firm awards and accolades on your website. Whether you’ve won ‘Law Firm of the Year’, made the list of ‘Top 20 Best Law Firms’, or a partner was nominated for a ‘Legends in the Law’ Burton Award, you’ll want to put those accolades front and center to get as much mileage out of it as you can. CommonSpot allows you to post as many awards as you like, and easily relate them with other content such as attorney profile or industry pages for maximum visibility.

Contact Us

Make it easy for clients to reach out to you. Add a simple Contact Us form to any web page on your site using CommonSpot’s Form Builder tool. Any staff member can easily create simple and attractive Contact Us forms that collect client details--such as name contact information, industry, practice, and so on--without the need to write a line of code. CommonSpot supplies a rich set of pre-defined fields and style controls to produce Contact Us and other forms in a snap.

Go Mobile With Responsive Design

If you have a website then people are viewing it from mobile devices. If not mobile-friendly, the only thing your website will be remembered for is a poor experience. In fact, fifty percent of prospective clients will never visit your site again if the first experience is a bad one. Make every mobile experience count using CommonSpot.

Search Engine Optimization

CommonSpot’s SEO capabilities enable you to add content to a page and easily optimize it for search engines as you go. Once published, your content will be client- and SEO-friendly offering the engaging user experiences that search engines reward.

Improve Results Using Analytics

Ramp up results exponentially using CommonSpot’s intuitive, on-page analytics. Enable users to make informed decisions about web content or social conversions by giving them easy access to valuable insights so they can optimize content as they work on it, and maximize conversions.

Manage Social Media

Facilitate the real conversations that happen in social media while on your website and encourage brand participation, jump-start peer recommendations, and help you achieve your digital marketing objectives.

Persuasive Practice Pages

Use CommonSpot’s Practice feature to demonstrate firm practice information on your website, such as Corporate Law or Intellectual Property. You can also use the Practice feature to portray attorney-specific practice expertise in attorney profiles.

Video & Multimedia

Draw new clients in using multimedia assets such as videos and podcasts by giving attorneys a more authentic, human appeal than the typical business bio and headshot. Whether featuring Supreme Court ruling analysis or editorial opinion pieces, videos are a great opportunity to demonstrate expertise and showcase your firms greatest assets—it’s people.

Manage Web Content

Want to ensure content quality and freshness? Then you need editing tools that help staff members, regardless of skill-set, manage web content with ease. CommonSpot is a powerful and feature-rich web content management system with an intuitive user interface and familiar WYSIWYG tools for effortlessly managing any type of content.