The best attorney profiles.

Demonstrate you have the most experienced, respected, and approachable practitioners around by showcasing attorney and partner expertise, whether industry and practice areas, ongoing and settled cases, professional associations and pro bono work, or major achievements and client testimonials.

Why rich profiles?

The biggest challenge for law firms today is differentiation in what has become a very competitive industry. To bring in new business, firms must leverage their greatest assets—the attorneys and partners which are the backbone of any law practice. Profiles are the best way to showcase expertise, build credibility, and make attorneys appear more approachable to clients.

CommonSpot’s Profile and Directory feature allows you to do just that. Through a simple form interface, any authenticated attorney or staff member can easily create compelling bios that include what you would typically expect to see, such as vCards, education, admissions, work experience, professional associations, practice areas, industries, related news and publications. But they can also add the details that build credibility and command respect, such as major achievements, published works, lectures/speaking engagements, ongoing and settled cases, news citations, presentations, videos and webinars, pro bono work, and more.

Once created, attorney profiles can be displayed on individual profile pages, found through a highly customizable and easily searchable profile directory, and spotlighted on related pages like practice areas, industries or office pages. There is virtually no limit to how profile content can be captured, presented, and re-used throughout your site.

A few of the things you may find on your profile page

CommonSpot leverages its powerful Data Manager to build relationships between different types of content. While editing the main profile infromation for an attorney, users can easily edit and relate other profile data such as admissions, experience, representative matters, cases, honors/awards, associations, publications, news, practice areas, industies and what ever else you desire.


CommonSpot enables law firms to promote attorney and partner expertise with ease using its Bio feature. Bios help prospective clients decide if a law practitioner is a good fit with their individual needs by communicating professional background information, and also details that portray work ethic and personality giving clients a feel for the person behind the suit.


CommonSpot’s Admissions feature enables attorneys and partners to easily add Bar admission details to any profile to demonstrate where they are licensed to practice law—such as State, Commonwealth, U.S. Court of Appeals Circuit, or District Court.


Leverage CommonSpot’s Industry feature to communicate your firm’s industry and sector coverage, such as aerospace, arts and entertainment, or education services on your legal website. You can also showcase industry-specific expertise on attorney profile pages.

Professional Associations

Present professional association membership information—such as the American Bar Association or State Bar Associations—in attorney and partner profiles to promote expertise and attract new clients.

Publications, Legal Updates and Advisories

Published articles, legal updates, presentations, opinion pieces, case reviews, news citations, and blog posts are a great way to demonstrate attorney and partner expertise. CommonSpot’s Publications feature allows you to easily display published works adding credibility to any profile. You can also re-use that content on related industry pages or anywhere throughout your site greatly increasing its value.

PDF Version

Never underestimate the power of the printed word. Digital marketing is important, but some still prefer to read printed profiles or practice information making PDFs a great marketing tool. CommonSpot enables clients to create clean PDF documents for any web page on the fly in one simple click.


CommonSpot’s Education feature makes it easy to add education history details to an attorney or partner profile. Whether you have a Harvard Law School graduate, graduated summa cum laude from Cornell University, or have a variety of advanced professional degrees, you can present education details in a clear and concise way.

Practice Areas

Use CommonSpot’s Practice feature to demonstrate firm practice information on your website, such as Corporate Law or Intellectual Property. You can also use the Practice feature to portray attorney-specific practice expertise in attorney profiles.

Work Experience

CommonSpot’s Work Experience feature makes it easy to highlight attorney and partner experience to bolster reputations. Include experience such as case information, appellate case wins, trial team membership, clients represented, rulings in client’s favor, and so on.

Honors & Awards

Show off awards and recognitions in attorney and partner profiles—such as community service and high achiever awards—using CommonSpot’s Honors and Awards feature. It’s an excellent way to show the more human side of your firms greatest assets, it’s people.


Use CommonSpot’s vCard feature to easily display standard contact information, such as name, email, phone, fax, and office address. Download the vCard directly to your list of contacts.

Search by Name

Want to locate a specific attorney or partner profile? Use CommonSpot’s Search by Name feature. Simply start typing a name and the results will narrow your search as you type for an effortless user experience.