Personalized Content.

The key to digital marketing success for law firms today is to deliver highly targeted content that anticipates a website visitor’s needs. This means giving personally-relevant content to the right audience at the right time for a more compelling Web experience.

CommonSpot uses implicit and explicit personalization to deliver personalized user experiences that drive value for website visitors and your organization. You can present entirely different Web pages with changes to site design, content and offers, for example, based on the mobile device being used, geo location, website activity, areas of interest, content viewed, searches made, and form conversions—to name only a few.

CommonSpot implicit personalization capabilities allow you to gather information from each visitor during every session—

including the current one—so web content dynamically adjusts delivering personally-relevant content at exactly the right moment. A client searching or browsing for information on class action defense litigation for example, might be presented with dynamic content relevant to that search, such as class action practice information, case histories, blog posts, and relevant attorney profiles.

CommonSpot also includes powerful features to dynamically adjust content explicitly for registered or authenticated clients and groups of clients. You can explicitly add clients to as many groups as you need—such as class action, industry-specific, or supreme court rulings—using an easy point-and-click interface, and then serve group-specific content based on date, time of day, location within the site, metadata, and more.

CommonSpot makes your website more effective by giving you complete control over targeted content delivery which increases engagement and helps improve conversion rates and client acquisition.

  • Use explicit or implicit contextualization to dynamically serve content targeted to authenticated or anonymous users.
  • Simplify the creation of personalized design, content, offers, and more using CommonSpot's powerful scheduling, group management, and "rules engine".
  • Use popular criteria—website activity, areas of interest, content viewed, search terms used—out of the box, or easily add custom criteria to dynamically group visitors or serve content.
  • Apply out-of-the-box responsive design features to effectively serve content across devices.
  • Group visitors over a single session or multiple sessions.
  • Activate/deactivate groups and change personalization criteria on the fly.
  • Centrally manage groups and visitor context rules.