Video & Multimedia.

Draw new clients in using multimedia assets such as videos and podcasts by giving attorneys a more authentic, human appeal than the typical business bio and headshot. Whether featuring Supreme Court ruling analysis or editorial opinion pieces, videos are a great opportunity to demonstrate expertise and showcase your firms greatest assets—it’s people.

How do you engage prospective clients more effectively? Video provides law firms with an enormous opportunity to engage directly and authentically with website visitors. They make attorneys appear more human and approachable which can be a significant differentiator in the competitive legal industry. Also, unlike other marketing tactics, video content draws clients directly to you via search engine and social media traffic. In fact, video content is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of results now that Google and Bing display blended video and text content, making it a very powerful marketing tool for driving new business. Videos also increase landing page conversion rates by up to 80 percent making it a powerful marketing tool for driving new business.

CommonSpot simplifies video management by seamlessly integrating with multiple media sources such as YouTube or Brightcove. Staff can easily upload and publish videos, as well as add thumbnails, titles, keywords, and descriptions for easy searching and viewing. Multimedia files can be managed right from within the CommonSpot user interface and are organized by category, eliminating the need to navigate away from your site to search, preview, or select media or embeddable code.

  • Upload videos from directly within the CommonSpot user interface.
  • View video assets in a central video library.
  • Tag and classify videos, categorize them by media sources, create video playlists, and re-use video content anywhere across your website.
  • Host video content locally or externally with third-party video platforms such as YouTube or Brightcove.
  • Use your video player of choice.
  • Display video using a number of popular display formats and video services, or easily customize any format to meet your needs.
  • Manage video content in the same easy way you manage other content (such as pages, uploaded document or images).
  • Leverage HTML-5 video capabilities.