Manage Web Content Easily.

CommonSpot is designed to specifically address the requirements of web content management, web experience management, brand management, social media management, document management, and community management, while satisfying the needs of marketers and content contributing staff members at every technical level.  CommonSpot is a complete web content management solution that helps you publish content instantly, and manage content smartly and easily.

Law firms spend billions of dollars on content marketing to enhance credibility and build brand awareness. That means content quality standards must be high or your content will deter from, rather than help your firm. To ensure content quality and freshness, you need simple yet powerful editing tools that help staff members—whether marketing, paralegals, or attorneys—create and update web content with ease regardless of their skill set.

CommonSpot empowers staff members with an intuitive user interface and familiar WYSIWYG tools for effortlessly updating content right within the context of a page. Content quality is controlled using powerful tools such as Spell Check and Freshness Reminders ensuring quality standards are always met reflecting positively on your firm.

  • Use 100% browser-based CMS technology to create and publish anywhere.
  • Use familiar tools to add bold, italics, links, photos, formatting, and tables. Use style selectors, spell-check, and more.
  • Access the WYSIWYG editor right within the context of a page, or from forms available to internal users, external users, or both.
  • Easily enter and modify text, images, uploaded files, or multimedia—including YouTube or Brightcove content—without leaving the current page.
  • Get one-click access to link-checking, freshness reminders and work requests, version history, page performance, accessibility analysis, and more within the context of the site.
  • View or change layouts, or view up-to-the-minute analytics and SEO status, and check on review/approval state in a few clicks, without interrupting workflow.
  • Easily toggle between preview and edit modes for fast reliable page updates.
  • Publish approved content in a single click.
  • Complete simple and advanced content creation tasks using intuitive, context-specific menus, sliders, and wizards.
  • Protect content without compromising productivity through editing options tailored page-by-page to individual roles and permissions.
  • Use ‘My CommonSpot’, a personalized and customizable dashboard of content, searches, shortcuts, reminders and more that dramatically improves productivity for users at every desk