Use Practice Pages to Perfectly Position Your Firm.

Practices are the lifeblood of any law firm communicating expertise and focus. Unfortunately, most website practice pages don’t do the practices any justice. They read like yesterday’s brochure-ware with pages long on text and short on all of the elements critical to establishing thought leadership and building credibility. If this is true your firm, we can help.

Our web content management system helps you turn text-heavy practice content into easy-to-read, perfect positioning pages that convey thought leadership and innovation, and help differentiate your firm from your competition. Using a simple template, you can easily transform practice pages into an easier to read online magazine format, allowing site visitors to scan titles with thumbnail images, read what interests them, and move on. One dynamic template is all you need to transform every practice page on your website into a page that actually drives new business.  

  • Allow any user regardless of skill set to easily manage practice page content.
  • Add page titles and succinct positioning statements.
  • Include engaging practice-related images.
  • Add clearly defined sections—such as Research Project, Recent Articles, and Emerging Issues—to convey thought leadership.
  • Easily relate content to practice pages—such as attorney profiles, blog posts, and new—to convey practice breadth and depth.
  • Easily upload video content.
  • Allow your clients to sell for you with featured case summaries and client testimonials.
  • Allow visitors to subscribe to content using RSS feeds.
  • Include a clear call to action.