Stand Out in a Crowded Market Socially.

Digital marketing is a conversation between your legal firm and clients that takes place across multiple web channels such as your website, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Those channels need to work in harmony to really engage clients and drive new business. CommonSpot integrates your website with your social ecosystem making it easy to post, manage, schedule, and respond to and analyze social media activity right from within the CommonSpot interface, eliminating the need to visit multiple social sites to post updates.  It’s an essential tool for unlocking the value of your social efforts and establishing a positive online reputation, without interrupting the flow of work.  

CommonSpot empowers staff members to easily share content to various social media channels automatically as content is being published.  Instead of simply submitting content for publication on your website, hit ‘Publish and Share’ and you can submit that content to any or all of your registered social media channels simultaneously, tweaking the message for each channel as appropriate. You can also use CommonSpot’s Social Media Manager dashboard to create, schedule, respond to, and manage posts.

  • Publish content, when and where you like, streamlining the publishing process
  • Schedule posts for future times or dates as you create content
  • Create rules that will automatically generate social media posts when certain triggers or events occur
  • View and analyze social media effectiveness and track the performance of posts such as click throughs, likes, retweets, shares, and comments
  • Simultaneously create and manage content for multiple social media channels.
  • Optionally assign separate Post, Manage, and Administrative rights when access control is important